Why a PT?

No, I don't mean "why did I become a PT" - maybe in another blog - I mean why spend your hard earned money on a Personal Trainer?

Below I'm going to list my TOP 5 REASONS TO HIRE A PT

There are loads of people out there that have had terrible experiences with Personal Trainers for a number of different reasons; I meet them all the time and it can take time to build their trust back. Bad experiences usually stem from a variety of reasons - whether that be injury, not reaching results, terrible communication or simply feeling like you're paying for a glorified rep counter and nothing more. When choosing a Trainer, it is important to really analyse whether the person you have in front of you is going to facilitate your needs.

Unfortunately, as with other professions, having a qualification doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be the most effective person for you. This doesn't mean looking at the Trainer's poster and making a decision, or even looking at them from a far. I'd recommend booking a consultation (usually free) and taking the time to get to know them and really find out how they're going to help and support you on what is quite a daunting and personal journey for some.


  • EDUCATION The more you learn, the more you realise there is left to learn. Whether you're new to the gym or have experience behind you, there is always more to learn that may prove the difference in reaching your goals. The industry is full of information, some true, some not, some relevant, some not. Having a Trainer to decipher the plethora of content that surrounds us on the web and social media will make us more likely to stay on track and more likely keep improving. Use your Trainer to gain as much knowledge as you can. I love when clients bombard me with questions, it shows willingness to learn and, furthermore, commitment to the journey. It also allows me to learn if i'm struck with a question I don't have the answer to. Learning as much as you can in the 30-60 minutes you see your trainer is guaranteed to improve the quality of the sessions you do by yourself.

  • PERSONALISATION What works for your favourite movie star, may not work for you. In the early stages of your PT journey will be your goal setting. Being clear in what you're wanting and properly communicating will allow your trainer to lay a personalised pathway that will guide you towards your goals. This should included programming that's attainable and sustainable in terms of you ability and schedule. While being challenged is great, staying compliant is most important. Any nutrition advice should follow the same principles. Once again, communication will be required to find this 'sweet spot'. You should be willing to listen but also ask 'why' or 'how will this help me' if you ever feel the need.

  • SUPPORT The bigger the team, the easier the task. Unfortunately, even with the best support and knowledge around, the fate of your journey and results will still depend on your own actions. In saying that, the more support you have around you at any given time, the more likely you are to achieve. Having the support of family members and friends is great for keeping you on track and full of motivational energy. For these people, having a trainer with the know-how is a step above, providing the extra support of someone who can harness that motivational energy and point it in the right direction. For some who lack support in their surroundings, a Trainer can be their savior - a savior who understands their goals and can provide the answers and encouragement they may not get anywhere else.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability breeds response-ability. This can be as simple as having a scheduled time each week to show up and put in work. For others it can be the program provided and the checklist of workouts to complete between sessions or the 'check up' texts from your Trainer mid-week to make sure you're still on the bandwagon. For those who are new to the journey, having as many arrows pointing in the right direction is usually necessary, with very few having the intrinsic motivation to research and keep themselves on track (congrats to those who do). Even for people who have the know-how in-terms of fitness, it may take some extrinsic forces to keep them on track. I see this happen often and have trained other perfectly capable fitness professionals simply to keep them accountable and perhaps ofter a different angle on aspects of their training. Regardless of whether you're a fitness professional who needs external motivation or a busy gym-goer who's not sure if they'll be able to fit this seemingly overwhelming journey into their lifestyle - sometimes it just takes a weekly appointment or an impromptu check-in to keep the ball rolling.

  • CONFIDENCE With confidence, you have won before you have started. This one is a big one for me, and something I strive to provide to my clients every session. I don't mean the confidence that allows you to stroll around the gym like you own it. Besides the confidence you may gain from losing a few kilo's or putting on a bit of muscle - I'm talking about the confidence to scan your tag, walk in and know your surroundings and the job ahead. To have your program in-hand, a clear plan and confidence that what you're about to do is helping you reach your goals. Lack of confidence in gyms stems a lot from feeling out of place and not knowing what you're doing. Even if you do know how to use the machine you're on, you may question whether its the most effective exercise for your circumstance. Having a Trainer to provide a program personalised to you and explained clearly will help conquer this. Overcoming environments like this can then lead to being more confident in other aspects of life. Knowledge brings confidence.

My final advice - find a Trainer that speaks your language and someone you're comfortable with. Ask questions about everything, write them down for your next appointment. Avoid just following them around like a zombie and doing as they say. Aquire knowledge that you can use and perhaps pass on. Do what it takes to stay focussed - get a program, learn the program, improve nutrition, set attainable goals together. Your trainer can be a great asset, but the journey is yours and they can't do the work for you.

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