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LukeOFit is an online based training app with that I use to track and train all my Face2Face clients. Personalised Programming is available for non-clients and LukeOFit will give you access to your full training plan, the ability to log your nutrition and receive nutrition plans, measurement and progress tracking, 24/7 in-app assistance and more. The easy-to-use functionality means that taking your fitness online doesn't have to be hard. Designed to keep your entire fitness journey in one place, so you can train, track and learn stress free!

LukeOFit - Personalised Program 

Personalised Programming is available for those who are unable t train Face2Face or for those who simply feel they need a bit of direction as opposed to a weekly session. Your program will be designed to fit your needs and the facilities your have access too.


Your program will be created and accessed through the LukeOFit Online App, giving you same efficient programming of my Face2Face Clients. A consultation call will often be booked to discuss your needs and help shape the program to ensure it's effective as possible. 

Each exercise within the program will include written instruction as well as a video to help with execution. Safety is paramount when exercising so taking note of these helpful demonstration will help keep you moving correctly to increase results and reduce injury risk.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have about Personalised Programming. 

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