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Meet Luke

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

I've been qualified and working in the Fitness Industry for over 8 years, including 5 years as a full-time Personal Trainer and Coach. Over this time I've enjoyed the life-changing and rapport-building nature of my job and could not see my self working in any other industry. 

I see every client as an opportunity to bring positive change and pass on knowledge to help take steps in the right direction for a better future in health and mind. Over the years, I've learnt that every journey differs and that the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle go deeper than a change in the mirror or clothing size. 

I feel that everybody should take steps to better themselves with the support of others, whether it be a trainer, a partner or family. Set goals and make change.

Introducing LukeOFit

The Smart Method to Smart Changes 

LukeOFit is an online based training app with online coaching services accessible to PT clients and anyone looking to digitise their training. LukeOFit will give you access to your full training plan, the ability to log your nutrition and receive nutrition plans, measurement and progress tracking, 24/7 in-app assistance and more. The easy-to-use functionality means that taking your fitness online doesn't have to be hard. Designed to keep your entire fitness journey in one place, so you can train, track and learn stress free!


Kate Giles

Luke has helped me improve my lifting technique so much. Luke knows his stuff and has been able to work around my numerous injuries so I have been able to train consistently. I absolutely rate him as a coach. He is tough but incredibly knowledgeable.

Ashley Taggart

I have been training with Luke since January and I couldn’t recommend him more! Such a professional and knowledgeable trainer interested in getting results as well as educating his clients!

Samantha Browne

Luke showed depth of knowledge when he rehabbed my arm. I had a broken radius and cracked ulna, with emergency surgery. 3 months off gym . 1 plate and 7 screws, and 8 months down the line Luke had me stronger than what I was before
my accident.